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10 prejudices about Pitbull

1. All pitbull are aggressive and dangerous

Despite the unhealthy press that we tend to create this race, all pitbull square measure neither aggressive nor dangerous. On the contrary, most square measure livestock that doesn't cause any downside and endanger nobody entirely. Of course, this doesn't mean that each one yank pit bull terriers square measure sociable and friendly dogs. These factors can rely solely on the education they receive from their academics.

Aggressiveness ANd characteristic can rely upon every specimen in particular; it's by no suggests that an exclusive feature of this breed. Yes, their square measure aggressive, however, this can rely upon however very little socialized he was, his coaching and therefore the care they receive from their tutors — the manner their masters can help manage them will modification everything.

2. The mandibles of the pitbull are blocked when it bites

A story is as familiar as absurd. There's entirely no anatomical or physiological mechanism that enables pitbull mandibles to freeze. The bite mechanism of the pitbull is strictly identical to the other dog's.

This pit bull prejudice doesn't ever come back from nether region bull in itself. We tend to detect identical rumor concerning boxers, Yankee Staffordshire terriers, and alternative dogs that purportedly had the flexibility to dam their mandibles once biting. Apprehend that this is often the whole wrong.

3. The pitbull's brain is too big compared to its skull
It is generally aforesaid that the pitbull's brain would grow an excessive amount of regarding the dimensions of its os which it might be for that reason that they'd become crazy and aggressive. All this is often entirely FALSE. His brain and his os have completely no malformation.

This prejudice comes from the Doberman pinscher, at the time once this race was thought of the foremost dangerous. However perceive one factor, even as within the person, if the brain of a pit bull were to exceed the dimensions supported by his os, he would die.

4. The pitbull bite exceeds 1600 psi (pound-force per square inch)

Here is one amongst the foremost common pitbull prejudices: the bite pressure would exceed 1600 psi, equivalent in metric to 112.47 kilograms-force per sq. Cm.

Measuring the pressure of associate animal's bite is very troublesome since generally, they're not willing to collaborate as docile experimental subjects. However, some measures are taken and provides a thought of the bite power of dogs, moreover as alternative animals.

National Geographic has taken bite measurements of various species, together with dogs. These are studies within the scientific field that deliver results to gauge the pressure force of the pit bull bite.

This analysis has shown that the familiar bite of dogs reaches 320 psi, which the pitbull is genuinely not the foremost powerful. It had been conjointly calculable that a lion's taste would be around one thousand psi.

So again, if this prejudice was real, it might mean that the bite of a pit bull would be additional powerful than that of a lion? A bit far-fetched, if not wholly inconceivable, right?

5. Pitbull temperament is unstable and unpredictable

We conjointly hear that the temperament of mythical place bull is unpredictable which it will begin to attack anyone at any time. Of course, this can be another time a stupidity.

Healthy pit bulls show a nervous perspective below similar circumstances as alternative dogs. Additionally, his natural temperament is stable, and it's rare to examine a strong pitbull attack for no reason. In truth, the yank Temperament takes a look at Society has shown that the pitbull encompasses a lot of stable temperament than most dog breeds and has even passed the temperament tests with success.

6. His fighting dog history makes him an aggressive breed

The dog fights originated within the nineteenth century, and they passed in pits wherever dogs were subjected to associate degree nameless cruelty by their guardians.

Throughout history, pit bulls are chosen by humans to be kind to others, however conjointly within the saddest cases, to be aggressive towards alternative animals. And also the pitbull isn't associate degree isolated case sadly, a similar issue happened with the searching dogs and even the hunting dog. , like all alternative races, aggressive pit bulls, however, this has nothing to try and do with either the history of the breed or its specific characteristics.

Anecdote speaking: within the last century, the Yankee pitbull hunting dog was used as a nurse dog for his excellent social skills and his patience with kids. It's associate degree exceptional dog most of the time.

7. A pit bull that attacks dogs or other animals will necessarily be aggressive with people

False. Dogs arable to distinguish between totally different animals (including humans). That they're aggressive towards one species doesn't mean that they're towards another.

Hunting dogs are excellent examples during this space. They'll pursue prey and attack it viciously however won't hurt humans.

8. Pitbulls do not feel pain when they fight

Pitbulls feel the pain, like all alternative dog breed, however throughout significantly intense activities, this pain may be unmasked as a result of alternative physiological responses come back to be additional necessary for the survival of their body. . an issue of essential priorities briefly.

Other breed dogs may endure painful things "thanks" to the vasoconstrictive generated at the instant. An equivalent development happens with humans.

Pitbulls feel the pain well and don't should be subjected to fighting or alternative cruelty because it's a very robust dog. On Animal Planet, we tend to powerfully condemn any act of cruelty to the Pitbull and the other race.

9. All pit bulls fight with other dogs

Nothing has ever been evidenced. Some pit bulls area unit aggressive with different dogs as a result of they react in dominance or worry. Yes, generally it's tough to socialize along with his species. However, there's any kind of case, not possible to create a case a generality concerning Pitbull. Education remains the key.

Most pit bulls area unit within the middle: neither significantly aggressive nor significantly friendly along with his.

10. An aggressive pit bull can never be rehabilitated

Some pit bulls develop aggressive attitudes once being forced to fight, and a protracted manner awaits them till rehabilitation. Withal, by following associate degree tailored program of socialization and coaching, several of them area unit dead capable of doing this. If you choose to require care of a dog during this scenario, recognize that the assistance of an expert is necessary, he's fully fledged and is aware of all the pit bull behavior. Again, one should always take into account the individual issue and not decide a full race