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A word from Villalobos Rescue Center

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as we tend to most undoubtedly have ours. All we tend to raise you is to stay associate degree open mind once learning regarding this breed and perceive from start to finish, what these dogs have endured throughout the years. Before effort one amongst these mighty dogs, please do the maximum amount analysis as potential and build your call sagely. Serious Pit Bull house owners would rather the “bleeding hearts” not take one amongst these dogs on just for the actual fact that they may notice that they’ve “bitten off quite they'll chew”. As a rescue facility for this breed, that's the foremost common plea for facilitating we tend to get. tho' we tend to most appreciate any and everyone help, at an equivalent time, arouse facilitate from people who know: “The Real Pit Bull” before your heart is just too concerned.