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Home food for the dog

The unit ration, or a home-cooked meal, could be a quite possible choice for a dog. However, we tend to should watch out to balance the ration, to produce the proper nutrients, insufficient amount however not excessive — here area unit some tips to grasp concerning the dog's nutrition.

Nutrition is predicated on a sufficient offer of nutrients and energy (calories), and a balance between of these nutrients. We tend to should take under consideration the precise desires of the dog, and that the area unit different from ours!

There area unit concerning fifty different nutrients required to feed a dog! Thus equalization a ration isn't forever distinct. And AN unbalanced diet will cause long-run health issues.

For example, the dog attracts rather more energy from animal supermolecule (where we tend to, human, prioritize sugars), so that his diet has additional meat than the USA. We tend to should not offer specifically what we tend to eat; however, regulate the doses. Every food provides several wants, and it's necessary to live, reckoning on the load and activity of his dog, the amount of every meal to produce. It's common to own to feature vitamin-mineral supplements to get an ideal balance.

What foods to give my dog?

We will distinguish five essential elements of the ration:

Meat is that the main supply of supermolecule and energy for dogs and cats, that square measure carnivores.

Vegetable oil, to hide the wants in lipids and essential fatty acids (be careful not to cook this oil)

A few starchy foods (rice, pasta) that should be boiled well, for saccharide wants.

Green vegetables, additionally soft-bo, give fiber, water, trace parts, and will increase the amount of the meal (for additional satiety).

Finally, a mineral-vitamin supplement to hide the trace parts not provided during this diet: metallic element and phosphorus as a priority. It's vital not to neglect these dietary supplements: I meet tons of family rations or throw up United Nations agency don't have any, and this could cause deficiencies within the medium-long term, with effects on health.

You must select many foods from these classes, so verify the dose to offer, supported the load, activity, and physiological standing of your dog.

What quantities to give?

This is the first tough question as a result of the canine species doesn't enable a "common recipe": dogs square measure different from one another in their morphology and activity. With weights starting from 2kg to 90kg, you have got to understand a way to adapt to every dog.

It is better to form this ration together with you are veterinary; World Health Organization is ready to assess the wants of your dog and supply you with a "meal-type", dead balanced, with the quantities to administer for every food.

This ration will evolve, reckoning on its needs: growth, activity, pregnancy, sickness could need adaptation (in the same method that we modify the vary of commercial food at every stage of the dog's life).

Can you feed your dog with the leftovers?

You will offer little rewards to your dog with the foods we tend to eat commonly: meats and vegetables can quite please your dog. However, these further contributions should not unbalance stayder} of the ration: it should thus remain exceptional, and also the quantities area unit tiny.

Remember that a 20kg dog could be a quarter of the typical weight of a person; thus 1 / 4 of cheese is that the whole cheese for the dog! It's necessary to adapt the quantities given outside the unit ration, so it remains a gift that offers a touch selection to the dog. However, it's not necessary that this bonus represents over 5-10% of the calorie intake.

How often should you feed your dog?

As with industrial feeding, associate degree adult dogs will be happy with one meal each day. However, a puppy, a dog will become active, sick, or a pregnant bitch/lactation, square measure things wherever 2 or 3 meals each day square measure appropriate.