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Natural food in pit bull food

Any dog   is fed in step with his age; the number of pit bulls ought to be the following:

+From a year and 0.5 to 2 months - half-dozen times by striking;

+2.5 to three months - five times a day;

+4 to six months - four times a day;

+From six months to eight months, you'll head to 3 meals a day;

+Since eight months of perdition bull, you'll already feed as AN adult dog - doubly a prosecuting attorney

In this mode, the tendency to decrease the number of feedings is derived, and every time the portion ought to increase until the puppy approaches the adult dog's diet.

It is necessary to respect the diet, and the water should be modified double daily. Feeding the pet ought to be treated solely by the homeowners, it's not necessary to entrust this issue to others. If Hell bull begins to eat, you'll be able not to distract him, try to pet, comb, and so on.

The puppies area unit fed typically, and the food should have a high biological process price, the parts should be little, that favors much better assimilation. Every day, the puppy should eat a hundred grams of meat, and once or double per week, some of the variety meat - the center (chicken, veal), liver (chicken, beef), or the respiratory organ of meat.

Each day, the puppy wants 40-50 grams of farmer's cheese 2-4% fat, 100-150 grams of vegetables (grated carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, turnips), a hundred metric capacity unit of milk. One or two of times per week, it's fascinating to convey associate egg to the hull.

It is suggested that pitbull puppies be fed cooked baby food. For this purpose, the following cereals area unit suitable:

+Glacial flakes;




A young dog (7-8 months) desires additional meat than an associate adult pet - 600 grams every day, later the serving is reduced to 450 grams.