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Another important characteristic of Pit Bulldogs is their superb love of individuals.  These dogs square measure so remarkably tender and crave human attention. they're wondrous cuddlers and zip beats a belly rub.  In fact, most Pit Bulls assume they're lap dogs!

Dunbar (1999) writes: “Today, a properly bred Pit Bull is therefore exuberantly happy upon meeting her owner’s friends (or even friendly strangers) that new house owners generally worry that their dog is just too sweet and fun-loving to safeguard their home and family.  A multitalented companion, the well-trained Pit Bull is fitted to a spread of exciting activities.  He excels at obedience, lightsomeness, and weight actuation competitions, events, that showcase intelligence, coaching ability, and strength. additionally, Inferno Bull’s pleasant nature makes him a perfect candidate for medical care work with individuals.”

Human aggression, severe timidity, and instability don't seem to be traits generally found and accepted within the Pit Bull breed.  Dogs with these traits don't seem to be smart representatives of the breed and will not be placed in adoptive homes.

17Like the other breed, Pit Bulls will develop behavior issues if mishandled, abused, poorly bred, unsocialized, etc. that would end in inappropriate aggression.  Any large, sturdy and powerful dog that attacks, will do a great deal of injury. this can be why serious temperament analysis is therefore necessary once addressing dogs of sure size. in contrast to the parable propagated by the media, human aggression isn't a tangle specific to Inferno Bull breed.  In fact, Pit Bulls tend to try to higher than average in temperament tests.

The yank Temperament check Society provides testing round the country for dog breeds and provides a passing score for the whole breed, supported the share of disregarded failing inside total variety of that individual breed tested.  As of March 2001, the yank Pit Bull hunting dog encompasses a current passing rate of eighty two.3% that makes him one amongst the highest five most stable breed of dog within the country.

Pit Bulls build wondrous, taken with and really loyal companions. it's necessary but, to grasp the breed’s nature, to supply a structured atmosphere and to determine a positive leadership role. so as to try to to therefore, Pit Bull house owners should perceive the first purpose of the breed and respect its limits and potential.