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The president of the Yankee Pit Bull Foundation on why accountable dog possession matters quite breed.
A June twentieth piece by Charlotte Alter is known as “The drawback With Pit Bulls” evoked a flood of protest mail from supporters of the breed. we have a tendency to asked Sara Enos, the Founder and decision-maker of the Yankee Pit Bull Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to promoting accountable breed possession through education, programming, and help, to retort to Alter’s the piece. Here’s what she had to say:

“Good dragons underneath the management of unhealthy folks do unhealthy things”. Eloquently expressed by AN animated character within the new, a way to Train Your Dragon sequel recently free. constant are often aforementioned of dogs, and within the creaky confusion of the media sensation that's the present argument of the “Pit Bull” drawback, it is often troublesome for the typical person to differentiate reality from fiction. the reality is, there's plenty of researched, solid info regarding canine aggression out there which will aid in preventing dog bites and attacks. The misfortune is that the knowledge isn't nonetheless general knowledge, particularly within the sense that human behavior is what ends up in companion animal attacks. Animal welfare advocates, veterinary professionals, and accountable dog homeowners are determined to remedy that.