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Vaccination of the dog: diseases against that you'll be able to shield it

From 2 months, you'll be able to have your puppy immunized against the most diseases of dogs. Reckoning on the conditions of your pet, you should, with the assistance of your doc, estimate with that virus your dog might be in grips. Here square measure the diseases against that you'll be able to defend your pet.

Vaccine against rabies

The madness vaccinum is for dogs a minimum of three months previous. This vaccinum is given with one injection. Even though no case of madness has been detected in France since 2001, some kennels won't settle for your dog if he's not unsusceptible. It'll be obligatory if you go abroad as an example.

Vaccine against distemper

An immunogen should prevent distemper. It's dangerous and affects all dogs, young and recent. It's contagious and might be deadly for the dog. It causes metabolic process infections, tremors, reflex, and diarrhea.

Vaccine against parvovirus

Parvovirus is found in places with high canine concentration: in shelters, kennels, pet shops, etc. The sickness most frequently attacks the epithelial duct of the dog and causes injury infectious agent symptoms. To forestall this malady if your dog lives in a dangerous place, the immunogen is crucial.

Contagious canine hepatitis
Also called Rubarth illness, a vaccinum often prevents this illness. It is, however, progressively rare in dogs. It's concerning constant as a human infectious disease (it attacks the liver of animals) and may be among irreversible eye issues. Our dogs will contract it if they are available into contact with foxes or contaminated dogs, for instance.

Kennel cough

Kennel cough may be a sickness that happens in farms or kennels and is characterized by violent coughing. You'll be asked to immunize your dog against kennel cough if you place him in a boarding house.


Your puppy may be immunized against piroplasmosis as early as five months. It'll shield it from this tick-borne illness. Piroplasmosis will cause fatal jaundice in dogs. The immunogen against piroplasmosis is more straightforward if the dog has ne'er had the disease.


Vaccination is very painful, but if your dog is sensitive, the cough vaccine kennel can, for example, be administered through the respiratory tract.

Vaccinations do not usually cause any side effects. A small ball may exceptionally form at the site of the bite, but it disappears in a few days. Even more exceptional, your dog could report a general reduction, in this case, ask your veterinarian for advice.

Know also that every year, you must have reminders of vaccines for your dog by a veterinarian.


Since Sep 2011, there's an immunogen against canine leishmaniosis.

It is after all better to screen dogs with leishmaniosis before the primary vaccination, that is why your vet can recommend that you take a biopsy before beginning the protocol.

Vaccination is finished on dogs a minimum of six months recent and may not be combined with different vaccines.