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Vitamins for the dog

Here is that the action of the various vitamins on the dog (their quality, excess, and deficiency):

Vitamin D viosterol (fish and cod oils, in particular)
It permits the assimilation of atomic number 20.
Excess causes bone and heart problems; viosterol deficiency causes hypovitaminosis.

- Vitamin A (liver, egg yolk)
She participates in vision and replica. It additionally will increase resistance to infectious and parasitic diseases.
Vitamin A deficiency causes loss of appetence, growth retardation, eye, and skin issues.

- Vitamin K fat-soluble vitamin (wheat germ)
Its role is vital for muscular functioning and copy. It conjointly prevents internal organ gangrene.

- Vitamin E deficiency will cause physiological conditions, physiological state, and birth disorders and muscle issues.

- Vitamin C ascorbic acid (vegetables, fruits, parsley)
It permits growth and protects against infections.
A lack of ascorbic acid causes scurvy.

- Vitamin B complex and pyridoxamine (yeasts)
These area units the vitamins of the systema nervosum.

- Vitamin B1 deficiency causes loss of craving, convulsions, and dysfunction. Pyridoxamine deficiency will cause nervous disorders and skin issues.

Vitamin B2-complex vitamin (yeasts, liver, eggs, milk)
It ensures the regulation of fat.

- Vitamin B12 (liver, meat)
It is vital for the steadiness of the blood.
Vitamin B12 deficiency causes anemia and growth disorders.

- Biotine (liver, egg yolk)
It maintains the standard of the skin and hair.
Biotin deficiency causes scaly eczema before offensive the overall condition.

- Vitamin PP (yeasts, liver)
It participates within the development of the skin and organic process and nervous systems.
Vitamin PP deficiency causes the malady referred to as "black tongue."

Important: In terms of vitamins, it's necessary to respect the doses: neither insufficient nor an excessive amount of. The industrial product area unit usually well balanced; so, no victuals supplement are given while not the veterinarian's recommendation.