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What are the so dangerous dogs

Individuals cannot house all breeds of dogs reception. A number of them are subject to terribly severe conditions of detention owing to their "dangerous" nature. Failure to befits the rules exposes the homeowners to terribly severe penalties.

What are category 1 and 2 dogs?

Two classes are created to classify dangerous dogs. Class one gathers attack dogs that don't receive any LOF recognition. These dogs have morphological peculiarities which will be likened to some breeds just like the Tosa, the working dog happiness to the Boerbull race, the Yankee Staffordshire terrier|Staffordshire terrier|American pit bull terrier|pit bull terrier|bullterrier|bull terrier} and therefore the Staffordshire terrier, conjointly referred to as Pitbull.

Category a pair of consists of defense or guard dogs. However, not like class one dogs, those during this class, a couple of enjoying recognition by the LOF. These breeds embrace sheepdog and Tosa.

It ought to be specific that dogs of those two classes cannot be command by minors. The owner should not be underneath guardianship and have antecedently been sentenced to jail or for crimes. Additionally, you need not have lost custody of a dog thanks to dangerous actions.

People desire to possess a dangerous dog should be trained to get a certificate of power. This document helps get detention to allow. This coaching has three components: dog behavior, education, and hindrance.
Update on the regulation of dangerous dogs

Once the ability certificate has been noninheritable, associate application for detention allow should be requested at the government building. Issued by municipal decree or prefectural counting on the case, this document is obtained given that the results of the behavioral analysis of the dog square measure positive. This assessment is completed by the physician and ranges from one to four. One which means there's no risk and four is high risk. Note that there's no amount of validity for this allow. However, the owner should make sure that the conditions of detention square measure consistently revered.

The last document to own a dangerous dog is insurance. It protects against any physical or material harm that will be caused by the animal.

Different obligations to respect

All dangerous dogs should be immunized against zoonosis. Likewise, they have even to be sterilized. It's attainable for dogs of two and class solely, to travel on transport and access to public places given that they're on a leash and equipped with a muzzle. On the opposite hand, those of first class aren't entitled to that and might solely access the general public road with muzzle and leash. They will not access the communal areas of the collective buildings either and might not be foreign either, whereas the importation is for the 2d class dogs rather like the parking within the common elements of the cooperative buildings as presently as they're unbroken on a leash with a muzzle.

You have to be careful as a result of there area unit rental agreements or condominium rules that require the possession of those animals reception. Severe penalties or fines area unit applied within the case of non-compliance with these rules.