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A 3-year-old girl bitten in the face by a rottweiler

According to the proof given by the parquet of Beauvais to alpha foetoprotein, the woman was within the room, along with his mother, once the latter left the area some moments when giving food to 2 rottweilers of the family. It was during this time that the woman was bitten within the face. Eggbeater in Amiens, his days were in peril, this Friday.

Dogs were not in order

The two dogs area unit presently impounded for an amount of ten days, the time to examine if they're carriers of diseases, as well as Lyssa.
According to the village politician, Jean-Marc Evrard, the two animals weren't so as. As a second class dog, they'd to be declared in a government building. "Only one in all them was, however, his file wasn't up to this point," he says.


Still, per the electoral, they didn't cause a retardant for many years. "They had on the loose from their enclosure many times three years past however since the house owners had bolstered the kennel, there was no additional worry". when the observation amount, there's very little doubt regarding the fate of the animals, which can in all probability be euthanized.

The girl, educated at the village college, continues to be hospitalized. "The principal of the varsity has been warned. can|we'll|we are going to} see if we tend to place in situ a psychological cell at the start consistent with however things will evolve ". Anyway, the feeling is spirited during this little village of but 800 inhabitants