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A child of a year and a half badly bitten in the face by a pit bull

A child of a year and a half badly bitten in the face by a pit bull

A one-and-a-half year previous kid was repeatedly bitten by a pit bull Monday morning at a residence in Louisville, Mauricie.

The boy suffered severe injuries, particularly within the face, wherever the flesh was injured on the cheek and close to the ear. "He fully ripped him off," the child's gramps told TVA Nouvelles.

The child was additionally bitten on one arm, close to a ligament.

He was rush to the Trois-Rivières hospital and was still there on Monday night. A three-hour operation was performed to attenuate the injury caused by the animal. Consistent with his gramps, another process could also be necessary.


"He could have some after-effects for the remainder of his life," aforesaid the person.

"A probability there was somebody to get rid of the dog, as a result of the insufficient one may not be there any longer," other the grandad.

The eight-year-old pit bull, WHO belonged to the husband of the boy's mother, was euthanized several hours later.

The animal had ne'er been concerned in an occurrence to this point, in keeping with grandad. "He was super fine [...] He ne'er bit anyone. The child was twiddling with yesterday [Sunday], and it was going nice [...] The dog has tasted blood, and he will do alternative things to alternative children. Once a dog bites, he deserves death, "he said.

The child was within the same space because the dog once his mother left momentarily to place on a bathing costume. That is once the animal attacked the baby.