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Ban the pitbulls: the debate is restarted

LOUISEVILLE - The population is once more divided on the question of pit bulls, twenty-four hours when a small fry of a year and a 0.5 was bitten many times within the face and arm in Louisville, Mauricie.

"An animal, it's still Associate in Nursing animal. The word says it: ani-evil. It will hurt, "big or little," Louisville civil authority Yvon Deshaies told TVA Nouvelles.

The toddler's family attacked by a pitbull weekday delineate noncitizen as a mild dog with children; WHO had ne'er shown any sign of aggression.

The dog took several seconds solely to intercommunicate the one-and-a-half-year-old boy with terribly severe lacerations.

"A dog is action-reaction. All dogs can develop and have a reaction of aggression in their lives, "said the canine knowledgeable, Alain Chiocchi.

This is not the first time Associate in the Nursing attack has occurred in Louiseville and a few square measure beginning to get uninterested in this breed of dog, thought-about by several to be dangerous


The noncitizen Master himself two-handed the animal over to the police for the Humane Society to euthanize him.

The new provincial dangerous dogs law would have allowed the city manager of town to order his death anyway.

Mayor Yvon Deshaies, however, doesn't raise the RCM to ban the race entirely on his territory, albeit he's in person in favour of it.

"If the seventeen municipalities of the MRC propose it, I'll vote for. need| I would like| I need} to safeguard the people; however, I don't want to be the one United Nations agency can carry the message, "he explained.