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Dangerous dogs: new rules difficult to follow

The new regulation on dangerous dogs bestowed weekday by the govt. Is also tough to use, say representatives of municipalities and veterinarians.

"Not realistic" and "not applicable". it's in these terms that the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires reacted to a number of the provisions of the restrictive proposal bestowed weekday by Quebec's Minister of security, Geneviève Guilbault.

The College objected to veterinarians being needed to report "without delay" to municipalities "any injury" inflicted by a dog to an individual or creature.

"There isn't any subtlety on the severity of the aggression or whether or not it's on a person's or animal," laments King of England Kilsdonk, president of the Order.

The relationship between veterinarians and pet house owners isn't constant as that between a doctor and his patient, she says — Pet house owners area unit customers, which might produce "conflicts of loyalty" among veterinarians. "We will come back to damage the connection of trust between the physician and his consumer. "


"If any bite must be reported, it's doable that additional folks can hesitate before seeking help" once, for instance, their dog has issues with aggression. In short, the duty ought to solely target severe attacks, believes Ms Kilsdonk.

On the opposite hand, the Order is comfy with the duty to judge animals at the request of the cities since during this case, the consumer would be the town and not the owner of the animal.

This opinion is shared by the Quebec Veterinary Medical Association (AMVQ). The term "injury" is insufficient; she aforesaid in a powerful statement that advocates reportage slightly "bites with lesions".

"Unclear reportage [...] extremely puts in danger the connection of trust between dog house owners and veterinarians," says the Association.

Wednesday's draft rules were needed to implement the damaging dog's law passed in June 2018 by the Liberal government. It aims to "reduce the number of injuries and attacks, and [to] avoid additional tragic incidents caused by dogs," Minister above Guilbault.


It needs all dog homeowners to register their animals and have them wear an award. Publically places, animals deliberation twenty weight unit and over ought to conjointly wear a halter or harness in any respect times. However, the new rules don't target specific dog breeds.

The government conjointly specifies the powers of the inspectors, and the World Health Organization will seize and hold dogs to confirm compliance with the principles.

Infringements of the new rules are going to be subject to fines up to $ twenty,000.

Lise Vadnais, the sister of Christiane Vadnais, World Health Organization died as a result of a dog attack in 2016, was a gift within the Salon blue cheese for the presentation of the principles.

According to a survey conducted in 2010 by Léger selling, in sixty-two of cases of aggression, the animal that attacked wasn't family.

Which inspectors?

At present, regarding 1/2, Quebec's municipalities have rules governing dangerous dogs. This draft regulation is so "to fill a spot," said Ms Guilbeault, commenting that it obligatory minimum standards which cities might, if necessary, be even additional severe.

But the corporate world conjointly has its reserves. The president of the Quebec Federation of Municipalities (FQM), Jacques Demers, thinks that a lot of-of its members merely don't have the resources or the employees to use the new regulation. The overwhelming majority of municipalities in Quebec (more than 1050), he points out, "are little municipalities with few staff."


Having inspectors in each municipality is "downright not possible," he argues. Even at the RCM level, he doubts that it's "realistic" to own somebody full time to manage these files.

From the beginning, Jacques Demers notes that the files regarding dangerous dogs "are usually emotional". Municipalities "may find yourself recurrently in legal recourse", which might generate further prices.

Asked however municipalities would be able to finance these new activities, Minister Guilbault aforesaid Wed they might draw funds from fines and registrations.

According to politician Demers, it'll not be enough. "If you're caning to pay the one that will have it off, keep the fines and also the prices of the medals," he suggests to the govt...

"I'm not oral communication; it is an unhealthy factor to tighten regulation. However, there square measure further prices for municipalities. "

The new rules should apply all over in Quebec from could thirty-one, however by then, the govt. Will on paper build changes to what he conferred on Wed.