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A 6 weeks old puppy brutally sentenced by children

A 6-week-old puppy brutally sentenced by rough children and injuries to the puppy why they hate him
A friendly puppy name Murphy was only six weeks old when a lot of heartless children decided to have some fun with him. They began to throw rocks at him one by one until he bled all over and screamed in pain.

'Sidewalk Specials' entered just in time to save the puppy from the vicious children. They rushed to the Vet Point Clinic, the dying Murphy and were fortunate enough to save his life. He was also handled on his body for the ticks that made him anaemic.


As Murphy began to receive love and care from the employees, he would often wonder why those little kids so hated him. His behaviour clearly showed emotional trauma. Fortunately, a foster family came in to assist Murphy trust people and learn how to love others.

In this video, we see Murphy narrate adorably how he flourished in his new foster home to become a happy puppy. He spends his days playing and following his mother with his doggie sister!

Looking back at his bullies, we should do our utmost to nurture a generation of kindness in the future. We hope that no other dog will see humanity's vicious side as wrong Little Murphy did.

WARNING: Some viewers may be disturbed by the content of this video.