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A Mexican castral gang a 'rapist' letting the pit bull tear and eat his genitals after undressing

A Mexican gang undressed Associate in Nursing alleged crook and castrated him by esurient his genitalia with a pit bull hunting dog.

The man, reportedly in his thirties, was sentenced to barbaric public social control for alleged assault on a girl in Mexico City.

Ghastly footage printed by the gang shows the person naked, handcuffed and stuck to the bottom as five men surround him.

A white pit bull then begins to flirt between the legs, tearing and consumption the member and testicles.


The gang, suspected of being a part of a trust, watches the victim be detected shouting in Spanish: "Stop, leave ME currently, leave me."

One of the members of the cluster then covers his mouth with an artefact to stifle he requires to facilitate.

A second dog, a brown pit bull, conjointly seemshoweverdoesn't participate.

All that may be seen when the attack may be agape wound within the groin of the person.

The video of the assault appeared last month, once the attackers reportedly created it public as a warning to different furious prostitutes.

Local media rumoured that in recent years "the torture strategies employed by Mexican criminal organizations have exaggerated their level of cruelty" which these attacks square measure "increasingly frequent".

We don't recognize if the person continues to be alive.