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Abandoned Dog Found Crying On Road

Abandoned Dog Found Crying On Road With Her Face Pierced In Porcupine Quills

Bri Burnett of Sweetwater, Texas, was once alerted about a poor, apprehensiveLabrador mix crying on a lonely filth road. When Bri arrived at the spot, she used to be started up to see the dog’s face swollen after being needled with limitless porcupine quills. She used to be starving for quite a while, but should barely cross her face, consume or even motion to cry.

Bri named the dog JoJo and somehow moved her into the car. Jojo was timid and scared, so the vet sedated her before casting off the painful quills. After a hard forty-five minutes, the feathers had been removed. Bri paid for the heavy vet consignment herself and took the scarred JoJo home.


For the subsequent few days, Bri tried to hit upon JoJo’s owners. But her microchip wide variety turned out to be unserviceable, so it grew to be a useless end. Meanwhile, Jojo has been recovering pretty well. Bri has now reached out to the human beings to help her discover this sweet female a continuously home where she is by no means abused or deserted again. Spread the word.

Update: Jojo has been adopted! When a woman named Haylee Stewart first encountered JoJo’s story on social media, she was once immediately taken by way of JoJo’s sort and mild demeanour. When she discovered about her painful past, she knew that they belonged together. Haylee adopted Jojo, and these days JoJo lives like a princess with Haylee. We love this happy ending for Jojo!