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Owner Starves Dogs To Provoke Cannibalism

Owner Starves Dogs To Provoke Cannibalism, Dogs Found Eating Their Dead Friend

Cops in Lakeland, Florida, obtained a complaint about a couple of caged, ravenous Pit Bulls in a property. When the police officers arrived to investigate, they had been disgusted to see 2 Pit Bulls ingesting a third deceased Pit Bull in their cage.

The law enforcement officials determined 6 Pit Bulls locked in 2 distinct cages without any meals or water for months. They were so malnourished that their rib cages and hip bones have been visible. An animal manages officer counselled that intense starvation and disorientation provoked the harmful dogs into cannibalism. The law enforcement officials are now looking for one Genar Smith, who is supposed to be the owner and caretaker of the dogs. Spread the phrase and help locate this sick man.


Update: The law enforcement officials have managed to arrest the 54-year-old Genar Smith on Felony Animal Cruelty charges. Genar initially claimed that he fed the dogs every day and that the deceased canine had died of Parvo. However, he later determined to bypass the trial and plead responsible for his crime.

Gear has obtained a sentence of a hundred and eighty days in prison, after which he will be on probation for forty-two months. He has additionally been banned from proudly owning any animals. Meanwhile, the Animal Control has up to date that the five surviving puppies had been examined poorly for Parvo, and are now on the avenue to recovery. Do you assume Genar’s punishment matches his crime? Let us be aware of in the comments.