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Pit Bull saved who has a heartbreaking story

Rescued Blind Pit Bull Who Has A Heartbreaking History

The blind Pit Bull has a tragic history. In a backyard in New Mexico, three Pit Bulls suffered from horrible abuse from a household that used to be supposed to take care of them. They spent their lives chained outside till one day the family poisoned them. Two of them died due to the fact of being murdered, and one survived. We don’t know what passed off to this horrible family and if they ever confronted some animal cruelty charges.

The neighbour to whom he was once surrendered took him to the Animal Humane New Mexico. When he arrived, he used to be underweight, and he had solely one eye: he had misplaced the other one due to some severe trauma, the notion he may have been hit with the aid of a car. In addition to that, it was once determined he had an extreme case of glaucoma and scar tissue built up in the back of the final eye, so they had to take away it as well. He was once now absolutely blind.

He was once five years ancient, and they named him Raj. Raj was once tied up outside, and it’s estimated via animal gurus that he used to be left tied up out there for as many as three years with two other dogs, each of whom died from what appeared to be apparent poisoning earlier than he was once rescued. Raj used to be described as extremely expressive, affectionate and in need of love.


He used to be in a position to adapt to his new lifestyles as a blind dog very quickly. Considering what he had continued earlier than he arrived, losing his last eye wasn’t trouble considering that he had humans around him that cared for him and made him heal.

He was checked out, he used to be monitored, and he was declared healthy save for the truth that he is completely blind. The refuge was once taken aback that it used to be seeking so lengthy to find Raj a home.

They started working even more challenging to discover this beautiful canine any person to name his own forever. They posted videos of Raj online, shared the dog’s sad story and things ultimately grew to become around for Raj. It took three months for him to discover him always home, but fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Alexandra Goslow and her boyfriend had been the fortunate ones who bought to share their lives with Raj.

Alex Goslow saw Raj’s video online and was once smitten with the beautiful dog. She states that she used to be overjoyed when she noticed what a happy, relaxed and loving canine Raj was, and she just had to have him. Alex Goslow noticed Raj’s video online and was once smitten with the beautiful dog. She states that she was delighted when she saw what a happy, comfy and loving dog Raj was, and she just had to have him. They came throughout the Animal Humane website, and when they went to meet him, despite the fact he used to be a little shy at first, they knew they belonged collectively and took him home that same day.

After all that he’s been through, Raj deserves all the love and care that he can get. Raj is now settled in his new home. He’s healed, and he’s happy. He realised his way around, and he discovered to trust. In some Eastern European languages, “Raj” capability “paradise,” and this which means of his title additionally fits him. He came from hell, however, discovered a paradise in which he is the king. We are so pleased that he determined a loving family who will give him the whole lot that he needs! And he deserved it.