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Shelter Dog Rejected Every Day For 1000 Days

Shelter Dog Rejected Every Day For 1000 Days, Wonders Why No One Ever Picks Him

An American Staffy named Marmaduke was once a lovely and playful dog when he first came to the Valley Animal Center. However, he had no obedience coaching and came off as a bit stubborn, so no vacationer significantly ever regarded him for adoption.

Soon, the refuge team of workers decided to instruct Marmaduke with accessible commands. Within a month, Markaduke was one of the sweetest and most obedient puppies in the shelter. They were positive he would find a home now. But poor Marmaduke obtained hit with allergies, which required a different weight-reduction plan and drug treatments regularly. This made him an undesirable adoption prospect but again.


Marmaduke is over five years historic now and has spent extra than a thousand days in the shelter. He receives excited each time he sees visitors, but his hopes are washed away with rejection every time. The accommodation is heartbroken to see his desperation, and have asked the public to assist him to locate any individual who loves him unconditionally. Let’s share Marmaduke’s story and help him find him continually home.

Update: After Marmaduke’s story tugged at people’s hearts, a man eventually got here forward to undertake the gentle boy! He has taken the word of Marmaduke’s meals and medicinal drug necessities and plans to provide him with a safe, cosy and loving life. Marmaduke is so pleased now that he by no means leaves his new dad’s side! We are happy with this cheerful baby!