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The dog does not know he was thrown

The dog does not know he was thrown, thinks the owner has mistakenly forgotten and runs after the car

A business owner from West Springfield, Mass., Shared police investigation footage that afraid and disturbed many folks. The video shows AN owner unloading a dog within the middle of the road. The sick dog didn't grasp he was being dropped, and he was left for hours dodging cars in significant traffic.

In this video, we tend to see the dog being pushed out of the trunk of the automotive by the owner in an exceedingly parking reserved for corporations. The dog turns around his owner. However, he suddenly climbs into the automotive and starts driving. The agitated dog thinks he's left behind. Thus he tries to hold on to the automotive.


It is exceptionally distressful to visualize the owner leave while not compunction because the dog pursues his automotive urgently. Later, a business owner saw the dog activity sadly within the busy streets. The sick dog has nearly been hit many times by oncoming cars. The dog was finally saved by animal management and brought away safely.

West Springfield police ar work the case and hope to catch the owner presently. Several residents ar were sorrowful once this incident. Let's facilitate realize the trigger-happy owner; thus, he will teach him a lesson on the way to risk the life of a precious animal. To form illustrious.