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The thinnest dog ever seen

The thinnest dog ever seen has eaten glass chips and batteries to stay alive

The road has been long and troublesome for Eric, the dog, UN agency is finally able to be adopted and searching for his home forever. Rescuers found the skeletal dog in associate degree abandoned board house earlier this year. The mixed-race Bully was, therefore, ill-fed that he was forced to eat batteries and a drink to fill his abdomen and keep alive.

RSPCA inspector Semitic deity little nicknamed Eric the "thinnest dog ever seen alive" once she found him for the first time reception. The dog's name was Eric, however later was renamed conductor, and he couldn't even get on my feet once he was found.

"I assume poor conductor was confined somewhere out of sight, intake everything he may place in his mouth, perhaps a garage or a shed."


Shards of glass and items of piles were found in Walter's excretory product. His bones were visible, he was lined with body waste, and his nails were lined with vegetation.

With love, care and treatment, Walter currently weighs twenty kilos, a touch over forty-four pounds. He has been placed in a very house, has totally recovered and now desires somebody to decision him. He incorporates howling temperament with heaps of character per his rescuers.