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Abuser Hits Puppy In The Head & Kills Him

Abuser Hits Puppy In The Head & Kills Him, Dumps Him On Field In A Bloody Crate

Cops in Hancock County are investigating a bone-chilling case of animal abuse mentioned with the aid of a local farmer, John Shaw. John these days discovered the corpse of a 10-month-old domestic dog dumped on his field, with his collar on and leashed nevertheless attached.

John additionally located the puppy’s stuffed toy animal lying beside the corpse. The pup appeared to have died from quite a few injuries to his head. John had previously located an open crate in the area a few days ago. The investigators, in this case, are now trying to put the bits of information collected to find the culprit who deliberately damages and kills the innocent puppy.

The puppy’s microchip published his identity to be “Boss” and led the cops to the owner. But the character claims that he gave the dog away after being unable to care for him. Furthermore, he wasn’t capable of supplying the police officers with any records about the man or woman who took the dog.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services, where Boss was adopted from, has pleaded with the people to come to them if they want to capitulation a dog, alternatively of trusting unreliable strangers. The investigators are asking anybody with facts on this case to go ahead and assist them in locating the culprit. Spread the word.