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An Inspiring Two Legged Pit Bull Fifty Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

This beautiful pit bull, with solely two legs, is loved and has stimulated lots of thousands of people all over the globe, alas he is no longer with us! Kelly Michael, his owner, also his rescuer, shared the unhappy news on Facebook, collectively with a beautiful story…
He was once referred to as Fifty, and he alas misplaced two of his legs throughout an incident the place he used to be shot by a policeman that regarded him to be dangerous, all due to the fact he was once a Pitbull. And that is in reality how they got here up with his name.

He was once in Chicago, in a high-kill shelter, but taken in utilizing the foster carer, Kelly Michael, but after she spent time with him, she couldn’t undergo to let him go again!

A suggestion and a model to other canine lovers was his legacy, working to dispel the stereotypes that the breed of pit bull embodies, that of a vicious race! He was once additionally a massive supply of inspiration for disabled dogs, too; he used to be virtually incredible!

Both of them did elevate a lot of cash for nonprofit organizations, for example, Roo….


It was 22 August 2017 that Michael shared the unhappy news on his Facebook page, ‘Camp Fifty,’ he wrote:

“Rest In Peace Fifty. I love you with every ounce of my being, & I am perpetually grateful for all of the time we had with each other. You will continually be my seahorse, my soul pup, my quality bud & my whole heart. I leave out you every single 2nd of every single day.”

“Thank you to all and sundry who has shown Fifty & his household love & help over the years. This is simply impossible for me to speak about at this time; however, I extensively respect everyone’s kindness.”

“I was prepared for a lot of work,” Michael stated in a weblog publish at one time. “Then he jumped up on my couch, then my mattress and then into my SUV. That’s when I realized: this boy had no thinking he was once any unique than a four-legged dog.”

“Fifty defies the unfair stereotypes of Pit bulls.”

“He was once shot with the aid of a human and misplaced two legs as a result. Yet, he is nevertheless the sweetest and most forgiving dog. The first lesson I favor human beings to research from Fifty is that every dog if there is the great of life, deserves a risk at a healthy, lengthy, and happy life. No matter what.”a healthy, long, and comfortable life. No rely on what.”