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Cop Beats His Puppy With A Block Of Wood

Cop Beats His Puppy With A Block Of Wood, Puppy Found Bleeding With Skin Tears

28-year-old Damon Bronstetter used to be nevertheless a police officer in Lancaster town when he beat his 10-month-old German Shepherd doggy to a pulp. He used a large block of wooden to hit the pup many times while the domestic dog screeched in unbearable pain.

The puppy was later determined by using rescuers. He was once bleeding with multiple tears on his fur. After this incident, a lady also charged Damon for assaulting her. Lancaster City Police obtained a tip about Damon’s violent dispositions and stated him to the District Attorney’s Office.


Now an ex-cop, Damon has confessed to abusing his domestic dog and pleaded responsible to misdemeanor animal cruelty in Lancaster County Court. Damon has been sentenced to 2 years of probation, and 100 hours of neighborhood service. He has additionally been banned from proudly owning pets during the duration of supervision and ordered to bear a mental fitness evaluation.

Assistant District Attorney Alex Egner additionally requested that Damon ought to no longer be allowed on locations the place pets reside, but the courtroom hasn’t spoken back on that yet. Damon’s alleged assault case on the girl is nonetheless pending. It is expected to go on trial later this year. Do you assume Damon’s sentencing is enough to suit his cruel act of cruelty against the puppy? Let us be aware of in the comments.