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Holy Man's Pet Returns With Deadly Injury, He Hopes, As Well As They Carry out A Disaster

Holy Man's Dog Returns With Fatal Wound, He Prays, And They Perform An Act Of God

An elder who loves his dog dearly was heartbroken when his dog went missing. The sadhu, a holy man in India, searched everywhere for his senior pup, named Omiyo, but he could not find him. Finally, the dog came home to the temple. When he returned, he was gravely wounded. The holy man reached out to Animal Aid for help.

The aid workers were devastated when they saw Omiya. His wounds were so severe and infected that maggots were crawling inside. This was a terrible sign. They needed to take him for immediate treatment.

They brought Omiyo back to the sanctuary and applied the special powder that would kill the larvae. At his advanced age, the dog could have a harder time healing. All they could do for now was to give him medicine for pain and antibiotics and pray he'd recover. They wrapped the wound to allow the powder to do its job and made Omiyo comfortable.

Once the powder had time to work, they undressed the wound, then sedated the dog so he wouldn't feel pain. Now it was time to remove the dead larvae and clean the wound thoroughly.

They wrapped Omiyo back up in clean bandages. He would need at least a month of continued medical care at the sanctuary to heal correctly.

While Animal Aid helped to heal Omiyo physically, the sadhu worked on improving his pain spiritually. He prayed every single day for his recovery.


After several weeks, Omiyo made a significant improvement. All of the caregivers fell in love with Omiya. He's such a sweet, patient boy. While the Animal Aid volunteers would have been happy to keep Omiyo around, there was someone special waiting for him to come home.

The rescue workers drove Omiyo back to the temple. The moment they arrived, Omiyo's tail began to wag like crazy. His dad and his family greeted him. The rescuers didn't realize he had such a loving dog pack waiting for him to return as well.

The family, happily reunited, was now complete again– thanks to the kindness and professional care of Animal Aid. Through donations, they can help families, like the sadhu's, who do not have money for veterinary care. Thank you, Animal Aid! Omiya– you are so brave.

Watch the entire story below. There are some surgical images shown, so discretion is advised.

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