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McDonald's Supervisor Kicked Handicapped Male & His Solution Dog Out For 'Smelling Bad'

59-year-old Leon Masson is bound to a mobility device after he came to be paralyzed from a bike crash. He additionally deals with seizures and also diabetes mellitus. However, his solution pet, called Bella, aids him in his daily life.

Bella's task is to notify Masson before he has a seizure or diabetic person assault. He can not go anywhere without her, as she does every little thing she can to guarantee his security.

Solution pets are allowed to go anywhere with their proprietors, consisting of dining establishments. However, the McDonald's at Roosevelt Ave and also Loophole 410 in San Antonio, Texas, lately offered Masson and even Bella a difficult time.

When both of them were obtaining lunch there lately, the supervisor came near them as well as informed Masson that they required to leave.

" The supervisor stated, 'well, the factor we do not desire you there is since your pets have an odor,'" stated Masson informed Information 4 SA.

The supervisor described that Bella had a bad odor that several consumers had whined around.

Masson was stunned, and also described that Bella is brushed and also obtains bathed each week, along with her being mannerly.

Regardless of that, the supervisor remained to kick them out and also called the authorities on him.

" The very first time cops came, I revealed them Bella's recognition, which I didn't need to yet I did to validate that she is a solution pet. He clarified to her it's a solution pet," Masson informed Information 4 SA.

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