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Nasty Man Grabs 3 Dogs By Tail And Flung Them Out Of Car

Nasty Man Grabs three Dogs By Tail And Flung Them Out Of Car Like Trash On Rural Road.

McClain County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an acute case of animal cruelty after a man used to be found dumping three puppies on a rural us of a road in Oklahoma on Labor Day. In a surveillance digicam footage shared by way of resident Joe Fleming, the man can be considered harshly dumping the dogs before driving off.

Cops and locals are disgusted to see the dogs being mishandled by using the man in this footage. The man first locations a water bowl on the street and fills it up. He then opens the hatch of his vehicle, grabs the three dogs through the neck and the tail, and starts offevolved tossing them out one using one. All the dogs are rattled through the impact, with one even falling flat on the water bowl.

Dana Scott of “Helping Paws Animal Rescue” has rescued the traumatized dogs and will help them get spayed, neutered, and microchipped. One of the puppies has already been adopted by way of a nearby man named Steve Howard. Dana says that human beings regularly come to dump their pets in this far off area, and she has saved about 1100 puppies in the past eight years.

The cops are now asking for the public’s help in the identification of the culprit. Once caught, the man will face animal abuse and forget charges. We hope he is discovered soon and delivered to justice.