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Pit Bull Jumps For Joy After Getting His First Treat

He has by no means obtained a treat before…
Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds in the world, with most human beings believing that they are naturally territorial and aggressive. It is because of this that pit bulls are customarily used in dogfighting rings, the place puppies are unwillingly pitted in opposition to each other. Fighting dogs are regularly mistreated and kept in terrible conditions, just like how this pitbull named Finn was.

Finn was formerly a combat dog and had never obtained any affection or love from his previous owner. Finn also didn’t comprehend what a deal with was! The human beings who rescued Finn took him in and cared for him, teaching him what love felt like. Unlike most people, they didn’t care that Finn was once a pit bull, however, noticed him as a dog who desperately needed some love from humans.


Despite no longer having any previous excellent experiences with humans, Finn was once nonetheless trusting of his rescuers and was once inclined to take delivery of a pizza crust when they supplied it to him. Once he ate his first pizza crust, he proceeded to soar for joy, so an awful lot so that he started to run around the room to express how completely happy he felt!

Finn persevered to acquire pizza crusts from his rescuers, which he always replied via going for walks around the room in exhilaration after each coat. Finn’s rescuers determined his conduct lovable and had been higher than completely happy to spoil him with infinite amounts of pizza crusts!