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Pit Bull Puppy Protects Kids From Venomous Snake

Pit Bull Puppy Protects Kids From Venomous Snake But Dies From The Snake Bites

The Richardson family from Sumter County, Florida, is left bereaved and grieving inconsolably after their 8-month-old Pit Bull puppy, Zeus, sacrificed his life while saving their kids’ lives. Zeus bravely jumped in the front when a coral snake attacked his human siblings but ended up getting bitten four times throughout the struggle.

This unlucky incident passed off when the family’s boys, Oriley and Orion, have been outdoor cleaning Zeus’ water dish. They didn’t observe the snake crawling in, but Zeus did. The loyal dog right away attacked the snake and shielded his siblings from the venomous reptile. He managed to handle the snake but quickly collapsed from the snake bites.


The household rushed him to a vet in Ocala, where he was once given an anti-venom shot. But Zeus wasn’t capable of recovering as the poison had already caved deep into his bloodstream. The poor boy succumbed to his accidents and died a day after being bitten.

Parents Gina and Gary Richardson understand that they owe their kids’ lives to Zeus. The loss of their liked boy has left an empty area in their home that cant is filled. They hope that humans fee Zeus’ sacrifice and end stereotyping Pit Bulls negatively, as these puppies are only fiercely loyal and protecting their families. You rest in peace, Zeus. You will always be remembered.