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Rescuer Heard A Gut Wrenching Cry For

Rescuer Heard A Gut-Wrenching Cry For Help And Found Puppy Alone, Wounded & Shivering.

Donna, from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, was once out on the heavily-snowed roads when she heard a gut-wrenching cry for help from an abandoned puppy. She observed the sound to discover a wounded puppy, in a pile of snow, shivering, and screaming in fear.

Donna’s coronary heart used to be shattered as she came closer to the frail puppy. The negative child smelled of contamination from a perishing wound on the side and had a situation called paraphimosis, which is observed in uncircumcised men and requires appropriate treatment.

The puppy, now called Weezer, seemed so grateful the second Donna received to him. Although he used to be in pain, his anxious wails lessened as she took him to the car. He felt protected and conveyed it via heartwarming tail-wags!


Donna rushed him to the trauma center, the place he acquired a cure for his condition. The vets figured out that the contaminated wound used to be the result of an embedded harness, which his proprietor ought to have cruelly put on him.

Weezer, pegged to be about 7-months-old, has recovered considerably. We are thankful for the love and care showed by Donna, and hope that a higher life awaits for the sweet Weezer. Our prayers and love go out to the precious pup!
Click the video beneath to watch the lonely Weezer’s agonizing cry for assist in the bitter cold!