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Retired Air Force Military Dogs Up For Adoption

Retired Air Force Military Dogs Up For Adoption And Asks The Public To Adopt

U.S. Air Force Implores Public To Adopt Older Retired Military Working Dogs

The United States Air Force is desperately looking for dog enthusiasts to adopt senior retired navy dogs. Sadly, Air Force officers at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, document a sharp decline in the adoptions of older working dogs who have completed their navy duties.

Like all puppies in need of a home, these precious pups served their you. s. A .and now needs a loving home where they can experience their golden years. By the numbers, about 90 percent of dogs veterans stay with their handlers, leaving 10 percent up for adoption.


“Every MWD, when they’re retiring, they do a behavioral test and an adoption check to make sure they’re no longer going to be food aggressive or chew a small toddler or chase the mailman down the street,” according to MAC Chief Petty Officer Jason Silvis, who works with MWDs at Lackland Air Force Base.

Silvis says there are a few matters every attainable adopter has to do earlier than they can very own a former navy working dog. First, applicants must follow and be interviewed by using the military. Generally, younger teenagers are no longer allowed in the domestic of the new owners. Finally, the man or woman should be inclined to travel to San Antonio to get the dog.

Anyone interested in adopting a retired navy working dog should contact the officers at or call 210-671-6766. More statistics can be received at the Lackland Air Force Base website.