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Rottweiler Gave Birth In The Middle Of Night

Rottweiler Gave Birth In The Middle Of Night And Babies Kept Coming Til 15 Were Born

When Eleanor Usher’s Rottweiler, Jessie, was pregnant with puppies, she was informed to anticipate six to eight little ones, but boy, was she amazed when it got here to delivery time!

Three days before her due date, Jessie went into labor and delivered six little pups, and then any other nine more!!! That’s right! Jessie delivered 15 dogs. You’d think that would be adequate to set records. However, it turns out it’s the second-largest litter in the UK. The largest litter is 18! Jessie’s labor took about seven hours.

Can you think about how this new momma felt as every toddler stored coming? No, Jessie’s owners weren’t looking forward to this many little puppies. To say they have been amazed would be an understatement! Also, it turns out Jessie is quite the momma, no longer letting everybody else round the puppies, even to help with feeding. She’s a do-it-all-herself from mom.