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Well-Known Chiropractor Gets Annoyed At Barking Dog, Chases & Shoots Him 7 Times

Cops in Westmoreland County are investigating an appalling case of animal cruelty following an incident involving a chiropractor and a barking dog. Reports say that 46-year-old chiropractor Dr. James Scirotto shot a 5-year-old dog, Honda, for “barking and being mean.”

This incident passed off at a birthday party that Dr. James, who is quite popular in the area, was once attending. He curiously bought irritated at Honda, who was once barking constantly. In an intoxicated state, he started purchasing Honda down the street and fired pictures at him with his .40 caliber handgun. Out of the seven shots, 2 hit the dog employing the time the dog ran to his family’s yard.


Honda has once rushed to the vet the place he received emergency surgery. He is currently convalescing and is scheduled for any other medicine. His owners say that Honda had, by some means, escaped the yard and went out to explore the neighborhood. They trust that their innocent dog was once scared by way of the crowd at the party, which brought about him to bark.

Meanwhile, Dr. James is being slapped with costs of animal cruelty, recklessly endangering any other person, public drunkenness, and risky discharge of a firearm. He continues that he felt threatened by the dog, and has employed a legal professional to shield him. Let’s take a stand against this brutal crime & demand a strict sentence for this man. Spread the word.