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He Laid There In Misery, Bound In A Trash Bag As Cars Drove Over His Tiny Body

Police were called to the 7300 blocks of Werner Avenue in Mount Healthy, Ohio, to examine a garbage bag that was in the middle of the road and appeared to be relocating.

Upon more examination, police officers opened the bag to expose a tiny eight-week-old young puppy that was abused, wounded as well as in bad shape.

He was hurried to the Cincinnati SPCA, where he is presently being taken care of back to health. The sick young puppy suffered from two broken legs and also bruised lungs. Among the leg injuries is so weak that the leg might need to be cut off.

Police believe that the puppy was packed into the garbage bag, thrown away from a relocating car, as well as was after that ran over.

"It speaks to the level of cruelty, and there are various degrees to ruthlessness in animal situations-- of neglect and also abuse-- but this is very blatant. This is extremely intentional," Nyketa Gaffney of the CSPSCA told WLWT5.

They chose to name this sweet puppy 'Harlan.' Regardless of everything he has gone through, he is still amiable and happy.

Once his injuries are totally recovered, and his weight is back up, he will be available for adoption.

Police are still searching for information that can cause the monster that did this to Harlan. Anyone with details is asked to call Police officer Fath at 513-728-3182 or email:
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