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Lady Saves A Pet On The Street, Locates An Additional With A Trap The Area

Woman Rescues A Dog On The Street, Finds Another With A Rope In The Field

A woman in Romania found a street dog in need lying by some parked cars near a busy intersection. She couldn't leave him there and called for him, and he came right to her. He had a wound across his nose, so she named him Scar. While feeding the stray, she happened to see another dog out in the field with a rope around his neck.

Unlike Scar, this black dog wouldn't approach. The woman found out by some locals that Scar had been abused, and the other in the field was a "bad" dog people were trying to kill. She had to take him in too. She tried for days when the rescue finally happened; the dog came up to her for the first time, and he acted as if he never wanted her to leave again.

It was time for her to go back to Canada, so she left the dogs behind in good hands until she could return in a few weeks. It would take 23 hours of travel time, but Scar and Shine finally arrived home! They were hesitant seeing a house for the first time but quickly adjusted to their new, normal lives.

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