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Miscreants Ruin Dog With Green Paint, Canine Found Crying & Looking For Food

Residents of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, remain in shock after finding a battered green-colored canine roaming listlessly in a regional area. The dog was first spotted by Shazreen Othman, who promptly required to social media to highlight the pet dog's predicament and also look for assistance for him.

As recalled by Shazreen, the oddly-hued pet dog was "in rips" as he kept seeking food in a cluttered plastic bag. Evidently, some miscreants had brutally attacked the poor dog with dangerous environment-friendly paint. The hazardous fumes in the paint made the canine woozy as well as sick.

Neighborhood animal bodies were outraged when they found out about this problem with Shazreen's viral article. A volunteer quickly saved the pet dog and offered him a cleaning bath. Thankfully, the pet dog had not been fatally exposed to the paint. Nonetheless, this case verifies that the various other homeless dogs in the area are still in jeopardy.

The authorities are currently actively seeking the wicked bad guy that vandalized the poor canine. They have asked the general public to watch out for such savage crimes versus pets. According to the regional law, the perpetrator can confront 3 years behind bars and also $24,000 in penalties. Get the word out and help the authorities find the wrongdoers.
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