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2 Homeless Mama Dogs Support Each Other As They Increase Their 9 Puppies With each other

Thelma, as well as Louise, are 2 mama dogs that were found battling to endure on the streets of Los Angeles, California. They had both given births lately, as well as were taking care of their 9 young puppies with each other. The rescuers were impressed to see the mama pet dogs' commitment toward each other.

The personnel at "Northwest Dog Job" had no way to identify Thelma and Louise's puppies apart as the children were just as attached to both their mamas. As a matter of fact, the mother dogs seemed to have found out the benefits of shared parenthood as well!

Rescuers shared a heartfelt video clip of the family members of 11 looking out for every various other. Both Thelma as well as Louise took turns nursing each other's puppies as their own and playing with them. The shelter really feels that the 2 mothers' combined effort as a team is what helped them make it through on the severe roads.

The pups are currently old enough and all set for their for life homes. They are all exceptionally caring young puppies as they were nurtured by not one but 2 mothers. Let's place words out as well as help these sweet munchkins discover houses.

Update: Click the video below to see Thelma and Louise's heartwarming tale of love and also commitment!