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Puppy Abandoned In Cold Near Pond With Note From 'Santa' Taped To His Body

The team at the Typhoon Animal Sanctuary in Typhoon, Utah, located a ten-month-old pup who had actually been abandoned near Grandpa's Fish pond wit ha note taped to his body.

The note, which was attended to from Santa Claus to the extra pound, read:

" To whom this may problem. My name is Oscar. I'm a foxhound. I'm 10 months old. No shots. I have great deals of energy. Love children. I am home trained."

The authorities, along with the sanctuary, are currently investigating the evil person who deserted Oscar and why they did it.

Regretfully, animal desertion around the holidays is not unusual. Throughout the holiday, sanctuaries see a rise of young animals on the streets. These animals were more than likely offered as presents to people who really did not want them or might not care for them.

" People must first go to their local pet control and also see if they have a turn over policy," Callista Pearson, of Salt Lake Area Animal Services, informed Fox 13. "Deserting the pet is not the answer. It is upsetting to see pets being deserted. There is always a tale behind it, however. It's sad if people really feel that is their only alternative."

Fortunately, it didn't take wish for sweet Oscar to discover a loving forever home; he has given that been embraced!

If you have any type of details regarding that abandoned Oscar, please call the Storm Pet Sanctuary at 435-635-8314.
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