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Star-Struck Dog Gets Lost In Mother's Eyes As She Sings Her A Sweet Christmas Song

Daniela Andrade is a singer-songwriter from Canada that enjoys serenading her pet dog, Dina, with the sweetest songs throughout the holidays. When Daniela decided to sing the timeless "Christmas Time Is Here" to Dina, the dog was entirely captivated and also went into a blissful hypnotic trance!

In this spectacular video clip, we see Dina leaning in towards Daniela the minute she starts strumming the guitar. The lovable canine obtains lost in her mommy's eyes as she begins singing the sweet-sounding tune in her angelic voice. Daniela also appreciates every second as she sings passionately to her mesmerized pet dog!

Halfway with the tune, Dina sets to feel the comforting beats of the enchanting track. However already, the star-struck pooch keeps her eyes locked on Daniela. Dina, as well as Daniela, make this tune hauntingly gorgeous with their true love for each and every various other!

Daniela has herself confessed that Dina is the "REAL LOVE" of her life. No wonder she calls her "The prettiest pet in the galaxy"! The melancholic vacation tune, Daniela's soulful vocals as well as Dina's stellar eyes make this video clip a total Christmas reward. We wish this enchanting pair numerous delighted Christmases with each other!

Click the video below to watch Daniela and also Dina's overruling love for each and every various other seeping through the song!