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Disabled Veteran Obtains Last Offer-- Give Up His PTSD Support Canine Or Obtain Evicted

Source: WSYX ABC 6/Facebook
Willie Williams is a disabled Vietnam Battle Veteran who deals with his canine, Diamond, at Liberty's Course on the Chillicothe VA Medical Center school in Ohio. Lately, the 73-year-old expert received a harmful anonymous letter that asked him to leave. The letter said:

Quickly after, Willie got a main letter from the university authorities that asked him to decide in between discarding the pet dog or being homeless. Obviously, somebody had actually seen Ruby off-leash inside the campus. However, Willie asserts that it was a one-off event. The dog typically relocates with him on his disability-support scooter.

Willie connected to the local media for aid, yet none of the authorities offered a straight solution to the investigating media personnel. Nonetheless, their attorneys validated that Willie would certainly be evicted unless he did away with Ruby, who is his assistance animal for PTSD, depression, isolation as well as loneliness.

" Willie, it's time for you and also your pet to go. You will no more be tolerated. Vacate."
Source: WSYX ABC 6/Facebook
As of now, Willie is very frightened as well as is afraid that he might soon be homeless. He claims that there is no way he is going to desert Ruby. "This is not an area and also location I intend to remain in right now in my life. Like I said, at my age, I do not recognize how much time I got. All I intend to do is let and live live", he said in a heartbreaking statement. Let's get the word out as well as demand fair treatment for this shocked professional!