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Doctor Rushes To Free Screaming Pooch Who Was Being Strangled By Elevator

Dr. Mohammad Awad just took place to be in the right place at the right time when he suddenly conserved a pet dog's life.

Dr. Awad remained in the lobby of the Symbol Structure on Harbour Island in Tampa, Florida, with a female and also her dog standing nearby, outside of the lift.

As the elevator door closes, the female does not realize that her pet's chain is still within. The doors close on the leash as well as the canine is dragged up to the ceiling as the elevator increases.

Dr. Awad promptly went down the food he was hanging on the ground and also went to aid the pet. He pulled on the leash but was initially not successful in setting the canine cost-free.

He understood the following few seconds meant life or fatality for the pet, who was yelling as his collar grew tighter around his neck.

Dr. Awad attempted once again as well as eventually was able to break the leash, setting the terrified dog-free as he was up to the ground.

He may be a human doctor, however, he still examined the canine's throat, provided him some water, as well as established that he would be simply great.

If it weren't for Dr. Awad's fast impulses, and also him remaining in the right place at the correct time, this terrifying scenario may have had a really different finishing.

Watch the rescue below, which was caught on monitoring cam.