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Homeless Dog Thinks Nobody Loves Her, So She Boards A Bus Alone

Source: Gemma Louise Barton/Facebook
A runaway canine who has not a close friend worldwide is making worldwide headings. The wonderful, depressing pooch is a Staffordshire mix and was later seen boarding a city bus in West Yorkshire, England. A fellow passenger posted the photo to her Facebook web page, as well as currently the globe wants to know what is taking place to this dog.

" She did attempt and get off the bus at one point but it got on the busy highway, so we obtained her to stay on as well as a person stayed with her on the bus prior to she was taken off at Bradford Interchange," Gemma Burton, a passenger on the bus uploaded to Facebook.

The dog was required to a neighborhood kennel, however thus far her owner has not step forward. On the Bradford Lost and Found Dogs Facebook page, a photo of the pet with an inscription was uploaded. It read, "If you are the legal proprietor of this dog please call 01226 762391. Proof of council, possession and also kennel fees will certainly be called for."

We hope that whoever has the pet dog comes forward or she will certainly find a home where somebody will supervise and also protect her.

The homeless pet dog was first seen boarding the city bus by herself. Sadly, when the bus reached its final destination, the bus staff got rid of the animal.