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Respected' Doctor Defeats His Pet With Hammer, Bleaches Garage To Cover It Up

Source: Brad Underwood/Twitter
A medical professional, that pledges to do all he can to preserve life, has been collared after striking his poor dog Cooper with a hammer and also attempting to shoot him with a firearm.

"Physician" Joseph Stubbers III claims that his Bull Mastiff, Cooper, struck him and also he had no choice however to fend him off by hitting him in the head with a hammer up until the dog vomited. A next-door neighbor heard the assault and called 911 stating that Stubbers struck the canine as well as was currently bleaching his garage floor to tidy up the mess.

One more next-door neighbor of Stubbers stated that they listened to shots fired at the pet. "I lifted to go appearance and also I saw, listened to, the 2nd shot and then observed him aim the firearm in the direction of Cooper," the neighbor described to replacements. That neighbor wants to continue to be unknown.

Cops acquired a search warrant as well as found blood and bleach along with a. 40 caliber round in Stubbers' driveway. The bullet had hair or fur on it. There was additionally a path of blood leading to the front porch where it's likely the canine tried to escape.

Upon examining Cooper, his eye was severely mutilated and also bleeding. He couldn't also open it. Stubbers urged that this was an act of self-defense but Stubbers, after mindful examination by deputies, didn't have a mark on him!

Source: Brad Underwood/Twitter
Next-door neighbors took place to claim that Cooper is a very wonderful, gentle canine that has never revealed any kind of hostility towards anyone. He also greets distribution men from UPS and also FedEx gladly.

Stubbers, a family care physician in Ohio, will certainly be under evaluation by the clinical board too. Cooper is under a vet's treatment.

Source: Brad Underwood/Twitter
Cooper is anticipated to make a full recuperation. If punished, Stubbers can face up to 2 1/2 years in jail. Allow's wish he offers every last 2nd! And also never ever has the possibility to embrace a pet dog once again!